Brewery Titan Dedicated to Rwanda’s Development

Heineken bought Bralirwa in 1974 the largest beverage company in Rwanda. With core values of passion for quality, enjoyment for life, and respect for people, society and the environment, Bralirwa is also committed to play its part in Rwanda’s development.

In the past three years Bralirwa has invested substantially in its operations. The Coca Cola bottling plant in Kigali has been replaced with a state of the art glass and plastic bottle facility. In the brewery in Gisenyi a new line has been added together with additional storage, upgraded utilities and environmental investments. Central to Bralirwa’s local sourcing strategy an irrigated maize farm has been established in the east of Rwanda.

With such investments the future of renowned local brands such as Mutzig, Primus, Turbo King and Amstel together with the range of Coca-Cola soft drinks, the prospects continue to look good. The company’s marketing programmes bring enjoyment to millions most noticeably the Primus Guma Guma Super Star talent show. Additionally, the CSR programmes in health, education, environment and wildlife provide support to the Government’s social development goals.

Jonathan Hall, Bralirwa’s Managing Director, encourages investors to come to Rwanda to gain access to the East African markets. “We are happy to share our story to encourage others to come.”