Clean Environment and Social Responsibility mark Romprest’s Multi-Million Success Story

Founded in Romania in 2001 by Florian Walter, Romprest is a full service company in the area of waste management, snow removal, facility management, landscape architecture, disinfestation, disinfection and disinsection, also providing integrated services and security, at group level. Established as a professional cleaning company with a starting capital of €200 000, today Romprest is the market leader in a variety of specialised services, with more than 5 000 employees and a share capital of €5.5 million. Elena Barabancea, CEO, explains that, in its 15 years of operation, Romprest succeeded to attract as customers over 50 local authorities and 10 000 private companies. “We operated on international level and our clients include the municipal authorities of Nurenberg, Munich and Wurzburg in Germany”, she adds.

With a total turnover of over €60 million, Romprest has invested over €100 million of its assets in developing and improving the quality of its services by using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. “We hire a large number of specialists to manage and handle more than 800 specialised machines and we ensure that the entire range of supplies used in the process is 100% ecological”, Elena Barabancea points out and adds that Romprest renews its fleet on annual level and that the company recently purchased 120 new specialised trucks, delivered by Volvo. “They will be fully utilised since, in Bucharest alone, we are planning round-the-clock, 24-hour cleaning operations, sanitation services of more than 2000 streets a day and design and maintenance of over 5 600 000 m2 of green areas”, she emphasizes.

Employees are the most valuable resource of the company and represent the key to its success. “Since 2002, Romprest has its own, custom-made system for staff training, offering them accreditations under the approval of specialised authorities”, Elena Barabancea says.

Recently, in recognition of its financial results, the company’s involvement in the development of the Romanian economy and its corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects, Romprest won two prestigious international awards from the European Business Assembly: “Best Enterprise” and “Manager of the year”.

Romprest Supports Society

Romprest expresses its commitments for environmental protection through CSR activities. The company’s management gives significant efforts to inform the public, especially the youth on the importance of preserving a clean environment. “By continuously initiating campaigns to increase public awareness about the environmental benefits of the recyclable waste collection, our projects have reached to more than five million children. Our first educational program “Your World? Clean!”, initiated by Prais Foundation, directly addressed over 10 000 children and teachers in elementary schools and was recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).” Elena Barabancea points out.

Leading by example, Romprest actively contributes to waste collection and recycling, following events which gather large audiences, such as the concerts of world famous stars in Bucharest.Building on these achievements, the company plans to expand its CSR campaigns in all of the areas in which it operates. “Respecting all European standards of quality and integrated management systems, and fully adhering to the strictest international rules, Romprest stands for trust, safety and innovation, being driven by the vision of ensuring a better quality of life for the next generations”, Elena Barabancea concludes.