Company Providing High Quality Medical Products

AJ Medichem International (AJM) is one of Sri Lanka’s leading healthcare service providers of modern solutions in the field of neuro, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, blood transfusion and blood therapeutic products. Established in 1989, the company has grown into one of the largest suppliers of medical equipment, devices and biopharmaceuticals, dedicated to providing high quality products for healthcare recipients, as well as innovative and inspirational technologies for healthcare providers. CEO Reginald A. James points out, “Our competitive advantages include product quality, financial stability, reliability and supply availability”.

Introducing innovative and evidence based healthcare solutions

AJM has introduced more than 300 high quality healthcare products from 40 international manufacturers, including the , Edwards Lifesciences, Integra Lifesciences, GORE, BARD, Covidien and BAXTER Healthcare to mention a few, thus significantly contributing to Sri Lanka’s developments in the field of medical devices and equipment. Reginald A. James emphasizes, “We have our own distribution, since the products we handle are mainly used by specialized hospitals. Some of the products are distributed through pharmacies working on consignment basis”.

AJM collaborates closely with clients both from the public and the private sector, providing annual revenues up to US$13 million. Reginald A. James explains, “The public hospitals provide free of charge cardiac and neuro services, which makes the Government our major client. Nevertheless, there is a necessity to introduce private health insurance in order to provide an option for patients to choose private hospitals and take the burden of the public hospitals”. Using a revolutionary approach, AJM has ventured into the field of aesthetics, transplant surgery, neuro-electrophysiology and plastic surgery.

A dedicated team of professionals

The company employees 14 highly experienced professionals, providing an exceptionally high level of service, costumer friendly approach, and all necessary trainings. Reginald A. James emphasizes, “We do not provide volume distribution; we offer high value products and our employees are trained in handling them”.The company nurtures a family approach towards its employees, providing monthly bonuses and financial support, thus creating a circle of loyalty. “Our people are among our most important assets”, the CEO adds.

The company’s success has been recognized by the international community as well. AJM received an award from the US based company LIVA NOVA for being an overall business champion in Sri Lanka for 2016.

Reginald A. James highlights, “The products we handle are used by doctors and surgeons and our staff is always ready. We are available for our clients at any time for additional supplies and we provide them in a record time”. Discussing the country’s future perspectives, the CEO concludes, “Our leaders should focus on bringing stability in the country. They should consider all options for improvement and growth, including the development of medical tourism”.