Cromatec Plus is a leader in the field of laboratory equipment, consumables and services

SC Cromatec Plus SRL, founded in 1998 with 100% Romanian capital, is a leader in the field of laboratory equipment, consumables and services. The company offers spectrometers, confocal microscopes, gas and liquid chromatographs, thermal analysis systems, elementary analysis systems, mineralization systems, radionuclides readers and other laboratory supplies and equipment, which are mainly used for scientific and academic purposes in the areas of environmental protection, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, forensics, quality control laboratories and the agri-food industry. Since 2002 SC Cromatec Plus SRL is authorized dealer Perkin Elmer in Romania.

Founder, owner and General Director Adrian Bobicais a specialist in chromatography with a passion for Research and Development. As a true advocate of the Romanian R&D sector, he points out that “Besides being efficient and profitable, R&D always requires a lot of passion; decisions in this field are not made just with the head but also with the heart”.

In 2015 Cromatec Plus opened SCIENT – a research-development-innovation centre, specialized in instrumental analysis, which completed the range of services the company offers, forming an integrated solution. This centre has all the necessary facilities for research activities and analyses, as well as for organizing seminars and trainings. Comprised of ten laboratories and several warehouses, this facility has two levels, one for chromatography and one for spectrometry. “EU funds are a great opportunity to implement your ideas, the ones that you cannot implement with your own resources. Around 15% of the funding our €9 million facility were secured through EU funds”, Adrian Bobicapoints out and adds that the company plans to grow and apply for other projects.

The highly educated and qualified team consists of professionals with experience and competence in the field. All employees hold PhD degrees and are constantly upgrading themselves through trainings provided by the company. Adrian Bobica emphasizes the importance of teamwork by pointing out that he regards the employees as equals. “I have enough experience to know when I have to listen to right people”, he adds.

Cromatec Plus is dedicated to recruiting the best students in the field by offering them a chance to work at their facilities and use the equipment, which infers high daily costs, free of charge. The company, which strives to be part of both the state and private scientific network, has signed collaboration agreements with universities and institutions all around Romania. “We sponsor a lot of activities in the faculty to attract these extraordinary young people; our idea is that someone who works in this environment for a while may decide to stay as an employee”, Adrian Bobicasays.

What makes SC Cromatec Plus SRL unique is the fact that the company has everything that is needed for R&D “under one roof” and can adapt to almost any kind of request. “Our flexibility comes from the private approach since decisions are made within minutes, as well as from the fact that small facilities like ours are the best tools for any type of applicative research”, Adrian Bobica points out. The company promises to deliver high quality products and services in a speedy and flexible manner, as well as to uphold its motto “We can help you turn risk into safety, mystery into knowledge and ideas into action for a better future”.