Euro-Business-News | The Philippines

The Philippines. A sprawling South East Asian archipelago enduring an economic boom. A leading high-growth economy in the region. A nation flourishing on the heels of sectoral growth and strong consumption.

Strategically flanking the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea, the Philippines sits at a critical entry point to the ASEAN market, and is home to over one hundred and seven million people, placing it thirteenth on the global population scale.

The Philippines’ economic escalation is attracting worldwide investor interest. Two thousand twelve saw the nation receive its first ever ‘Investment Grade’ rating from international rating agency Fitch, and is now in the spotlight for its continuing upward trajectory of sovereign credit ratings to ‘invest’.

As the Aquino administration rolls into its final half, the Filipino national government is gaining attention for their part as a catalyst in this swelling optimism of the nation’s overall business potential. And this optimism is expected to grow while the economy drive onto a whole new level.