Impeccable Execution of Works on Roads and Bridges

With more than two decades of experience and a notable portfolio of successful projects, Domarcons LLC is a Romanian company based in Craiova which is well-known for its impeccable execution of works on roads and bridges. Founded in 1994, their primaryfocus is the construction of roads and bridges mainly for public authorities, such as the National Roads Company, Dolj County Council and surrounding councils, as well as the City of Craiova and other townships. With highly experienced and professional staff which currently numbers 255 employees, Domarcons is recognized as a reliable company which delivers superb quality projects in a timely manner.

Domarcons’ extensive portfolio includes numerous projects for the public sector, but the company regularly works with the private sector as well. “We worked as a subcontractor for building the NATO military base in Deveselu. Additionally, we also laid asphalt for multiple private beneficiaries as subcontractors, including the new ETI biscuits factory in Craiova, the thermal power plant in Turceni and OMW Petrom”, Ing. Dipl. Dan Dumitru, CEO, explains. “We are experts at completingcomplexprojects such as platforms, which is why Domarcons is the first choice for supermarkets such as Lidl, Kaufland, Real and Metro when it comes to the construction of their parking lots”, he adds.

Discussing Dolj County’s potential for investment, Dan Dumitru emphasizes “We have available qualified workforce at low cost and fertile arable land which is a good fit for food processing industry. Furthermore, we have excellent universities, an international airport, warm and welcoming people and great opportunities for business and investment”.