In Advance: A Trusted Construction Company

Steadily increasing its visibility in the Belgian construction sector through diligence, high-quality standards and flexibility, In Advance has built a superb reputation as a general construction company. In Advance was founded in 1993 with headquarters located in Haren, a town in the city of Brussels, and the company focusing mainly on the Brussels region, with around 80% of projects executed in this area.

In Advance was promoted to build Class 8 buildings in 2009, and since then it has been active both in the public as well as the private sector. “We started working primarily with the public sector, but currently around 25% of our projects are in the private sector, and this percent will increase in the future”, CEO Ir. Philippe De Blauwe explains.

The company’s vigorously expanding portfolio in the public sector construction includes schools, hospitals, social infrastructure objects, housing… The company participated in the construction of the Audience K of the University of Brussels, the Horta School of Architecture, as well as several cultural centres, sports halls, football stadiums, housing buildings, apartment buildings, offices, subway stations throughout the Brussels network, and RTBF infrastructures.

One of the company’s main advantages is its simple organizational structure, which allows them to act quickly and be very flexible. “I have an open door policy and I communicate directly with our clients and our employees. For me, it is very important that every problem is addressed swiftly. I want In advance be known as a company that nurtures personal contacts with the clients. When problems arise, we will always sit down with the clients to seek the best solution”, says the CEO.

As a “smaller” organization within the sector, In Advance is constantly looking for reliable partners. “Clients and partners are always happy to work with us because In Advance has proven itself as a company of trust. Earning and maintaining the trust of our clients and our partners is our top priority”, Philippe De Blauwe concludes.