Innovative Pharmaceuticals which Save Lives

Astellas Pharma is bringing innovative pharmaceuticals to the people of Romania. The leading Japanese pharmaceuticals group has been represented in Romania since the late 1990s, established a subsidiary in 2011 and has been growing steadily ever since.  Mark Dekker, Country Manager, says that Astellas Pharma is particularly strong in transplantation, urology, oncology and anti-infectives. He says, “Our job is to make sure we bring in the right kinds of pharmaceuticals for Romanian patients.”

The Romanian pharmaceuticals market is challenging, largely because of limited reimbursements for healthcare. Mark Dekker points out, “Romania’s healthcare spending, which is actually an investment in it’s’ people, is only 4% of GDP, the lowest in Europe. Something needs to change so that companies like Astellas can provide the best possible products, including new ones being developed. These are products which can change people’s lives for the better, for example a new treatment for prostate cancer, but reimbursements for new pharmaceuticals is difficult and extremely restricted. The government is not making the job easy.”

In spite of the challenges, Astellas Pharma has been very successful in Romania thanks to the dedication of its strong and professional Romanian team and the high quality of its products. Mark Dekker says, “We are committed to Romania. We really believe in this country and we want to invest in its future and in its people.”