Leading Company in Waste Management Guarantees Quality and Speed

Established in 1996, Eurowaste NV is a recognized collector of chemical and industrial waste and counts among the market leaders in Europe. In addition to the processing and transport of chemical waste, this Belgian company also deals with the administrative aspects of these activities. Director Wilfried Verhaegen, who is a “dinosaur” when it comes to special waste and has been working in this sector since 1982, emphasises Eurowaste’s extensive network among waste processing centres and laboratories, and its good relations with various authorities. “We are constantly building our network, as it is important to have a good presence. The chemical industry is moving all over the world”, he points out.

Providing superb service is key for Eurowaste’s success. “We are dedicated to maintaininggood relations not just with our customers, but also with treatment centres and authorities, by being transparent and by respectingall legal requirements”, Wilfried Verhaegen says. As a niche player in the waste management sector, the company’s main advantage is their speed. “We can quickly respond to any problem, which is why clients have confidence in us”, he adds.

By evaluating client’s specific waste issues, Eurowaste looks for suitable and useful application for the waste, while adhering to the wishes of their customers. Furthermore, the company also takes on responsibility for all logistics procedures regarding waste transport from client’s facilities to treatment centres. For trans-boundary waste transport, Eurowaste carries out all necessary procedures with all involved authorities, and every transport is in accordance with the European Waste Shipment Regulations.

With 50% of their operation conducted abroad, Eurowaste is present in Ireland, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Central and Eastern Europe, France etc. Focusing on having good relations with every country in Europe, the company’s plan is to expand geographically to 50% of the countries in Western and Central Europe within the next five years.

“As a service company, we guarantee good quality in everything we do, from searching for good alternatives, evaluation of theanalyses, sampling of the waste, being aware of all technologies etc.”, Wilfried Verhaegen concludes.