Pharmaceuticals Leader Competes on Quality

Phillips Pharmaceuticals plays a major role in Rwanda’s healthcare sector. The dynamic enterprise has recently grown by 60% and increased its net profits from 4% to 12%. General Manager Vishal Thakkar explains that Phillips Pharmaceuticals is a representative of manufacturers for a wide range of products, including medicines for treating HIV and tuberculosis. The company also combats malaria and other diseases as well as supplies condoms, products for orthopaedic surgery and much more. He says, “Phillips Pharmaceuticals is the only pharmaceuticals company in Africa which distributes Novartis malaria treatments and works together Prepex on male circumcision project to eradicate HIV. We also are the only supplier of orthopaedic implants in Rwanda through our partnership with Johnson & Johnson.”

Combating non-communicable medical problems is a new focus for Phillips Pharmaceuticals Rwanda. As Vishal Thakkar points out, “The number of cases of cardiovascular and renal diseases is increasing in Rwanda. Primary care will always be necessary, but non-communicable diseases need to be managed as well.”

Rather than providing generic pharmaceuticals, Phillips Pharmaceuticals has developed a line of its own branded products and is stepping up its marketing efforts. Already working with Novartis, Johnson & Johnson and other leaders in the pharmaceuticals industry, Phillips Pharmaceuticals Rwanda welcomes more international partnerships. The company will continue to serve as a benchmark in its sector. Vishal Thakkar concludes, “Phillips Pharmaceuticals is Rwanda’s top pharmaceuticals company concerning quality.”