Bringing Cutting-Edge Vaisala Technology to Romania

Starckrom Tehnologii is the official representative in Romania of leading global energy and meteorological enterprise Vaisala, which was founded in Finland in 1936. Using Vaisala equipment, Starckrom has updated 60 weather stations throughout Romania, is currently modernizing the country’s airports, and has provided a new system for the Romanian Naval Authority which operates 24 ports on the Danube. Darius Popa, General Manager, explains, “We are not just a trading company. We install Vaisala systems, maintain them and work directly with customers to find the optimum solutions to fit their needs.”

Meteorology is Vaisala’s core business, and the company has grown to become a global leader in environmental measurements. Darius Popa says, “Both Vaisala and Starckrom were research enterprises from the beginning. Today, we invest around 15% of our net annual sales revenues in R&D. Our goal is to offer the best quality, attractive prices and to make sure each customer is delighted and proud to have Vaisala products.”

Darius Popa anticipates continued strong growth for Starckrom and Vaisala in Romania, for example concerning Vaisala’s specialised sensors and systems to ensure road safety through analyses of weather factors. He concludes, “We always try to create value for our customers and partners. We are a small company but we are able to support all Vaisala installations.”