Prahova: Emerging Regional Hub in the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry in Romania is one of the pillars of the country’s economy, especially in terms of employment, tax revenues, manufacturing, technology transfer, and exports. The industry is a major employer of Romanians, covering a wide range of disciplines from engineers, earth scientists, environmental, health and safety specialists, lawyers, accountants and more.

In terms of oil, Romania is the first country in the world with a petroleum production officially registered in the international statistics. Due to its tradition in the oil and gas industry Romania has a large number of highly skilled professionals in oil and gas and companies that can offer great expertise and services to countries and organizations interested in getting the most out of their oil and gas reserves.

Prahova province is the biggest oil-rich province of Romania and has long been the hub of Romania’s oil and gas industry. The world’s first oil refinery began production in Ploiesti, the capital of Prahova County, in 1856. Nowadays there are three refineries operating in the county: Petrobrazi (OMV-Petrom), Vega (Rompetrol) and Petrotel-Lukoil. Furthermore, as home of Romania’s Oil and Gas University – the University of Petroleum – Gas Ploiesti – Prahova offers unique favourable conditions for investors in terms of technically capable and highly educated workforce, which represent a major asset and an excellent prerogative for promoting Prahova into a regional hub in the energy field.

Leading contractor of Prahova’s oil & gas industry

Operational since 2010, IPM-Partners is a leading contractor in Romania focused primarily on building quality pipelines and associated facilities. As an engineering & construction company providing services for the oil & gas industry, the company boasts excellence in safety, project management and experienced personnel.

IPM-Partners combines Romania’s 150 years of experience in the oil industry with state of the art technologies and project management best practices. With a mission to provide safe and successful projects benefiting all stakeholders, IPM-Partners offers services for oil & gas projects, civil projects, technical assistance, fabrication and transportation.

In 2014 IPM-Partners, part of a Romanian-Austrian consortium, completed the works at a historical project, the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline, connecting the gas networks of Romania and Republic of Moldova.

Antonio Tache, CEO, highlights company’s competence in the fabrication sector “In order to increase our competitiveness during these hard times for the oil and gas industry we have set up our own manufacturing facilities in order to produce parts and components necessary for our projects that we used to import before. Using our own designers and production staff we deliver high quality while being able to offer good value for money to our clients.”