Clean, Green, Low-Cost Energy Obtained from Everything that Burns

Technology and equipments that produce clean, green, reliable energy at costs three to 10 times cheaper than district heating systems, three to eight times cheaper than propane or light-liquid heating systems, and four to 15 times cheaper than heat generated by electricity and diesel fuel? This sounds like an impossible dream. In fact, thanks to Romanian enterprise ecoHORNET, the dream is already a reality.

ecoHORNET manufactures high-performance equipments and heating systems that employ cutting-edge biomass-combustion technology to generate heat and electricity through burning pellets at temperatures of over 1250 degrees Celsius. The process produces minimum emissions and achieves an impressive 94% to 97% efficiency. In addition, the ecoHORNET system produces heat from a wide variety of products (including agricultural and household waste) by compacting these wastes into clean, odourless, non-toxic pellets.
CEO Iuliean Hornet, who developed ecoHORNET’s groundbreaking technologies, explains, “Our company’s main objective is to provide even more people with access to green, cheap energy using inexhaustible fuel sources produced by man, by nature ‘THE BIOMASS’, rapidly renewable and ensuring immediate de-pollution of land, water and air.” Iuliean Hornet was named “Romanian Businessman of the Year in 2012”, and in 2014 in Oxford, UK, the Europe Business Assembly and the Socrates International Committee named him “Manager of the Year” and chose ecoHORNET for its prestigious “Best Enterprise” award.

Almost 100% efficiency and low costs

The ecoHORNET system can be employed by all types of users, from individual consumers to power plants. Defining what sets ecoHORNET apart, Iuliean Hornet says, “The fundamental value of our company is eco-innovation, the creation of novel and competitively-priced goods, processes, systems, services, and procedures which will provide a better quality of life for everyone while limiting harmful emissions and unnecessary consumption of natural resources.”

ecoHORNET’s heating equipment is designed to respond to the most demanding requirements of the Third Millennium. Iuliean Hornet points out, “I intuited the potential of using agricultural, forestry and domestic waste as rapidly renewable, inexhaustible, ecological fuel which did not lead to deforestation. But, all manufacturers of pellet-heating equipment said that it was impossible to burn pellets made from non-wood products. After intense research and testing, Iuliean Hornet managed to develop a system based on the combustion of pellets made from everything that burns, with performances which will be imposed by law as a standard in 2050.”

Iuliean Hornet welcomes international partnerships as ecoHORNET continues to work towards ambitious new goals. He concludes, “Long-term pollution costs more than we can pay. Therefore we, together, must develop economic activities which respect our neighbours, our environment and future generations.”