Leading Botswana’s Waste-Management Revolution

Daisy Loo has been providing world-class waste-management solutions in Botswana since 1990. Initially partnering with USAID and the Gaborone City Council, the company acquired most innovative product licenses such as the Enviro Loo Dry Composting Toilets from South Africa. Moemedi Dijeng, Managing Director, explains, “Daisy Loo is capable and interested in completing more projects for the government of Botswana as well as accommodating the waste-management needs of businesses operating in the Botswana market. Daisy Loo is a trustworthy partner.” Providing the highest-quality waste-management solutions at affordable prices has been Daisy Loo’s mission for almost 25 years.

The company has implemented the latest technologies and serves as a benchmark in its sector. Moemedi Dijeng anticipates strong growth for Daisy Loo in Botswana. He explains, “Botswana is facing challenges with handling growing amounts of clinical, toxic and other kinds of complex waste, and the country also needs to develop sorting and recycling facilities. Daisy Loo’s experience and capabilities make it the best and most reliable partner to lead Botswana’s recycling and waste-management revolution.”

Daisy Loo welcomes international partnerships. Moemedi Dijeng concludes, “For a reliable partner in the recycling field, we can offer the best possible supervision of waste-management projects along with the latest technologies and the highest standards of quality.”