Cutting-Edge Services for the Hydropower Sector

Hidroserv is currently expanding internationally. General Director Radu Silaghi explains, “Hidroserv is 100% owned by Hidroelectrica, and 85% of our revenues are through tenders with Hidroelectrica, but we are beginning to extend our activities beyond Romania by participating in international tenders. I hope that in 2016, Hidroserv will be involved in projects worth a total of €200 million.”

Highly trained professionals and full range of services

The company employs around 1,600 highly skilled professionals and pays higher-than-average salaries to make sure its employees are the best in the business. Hidroserv offers a full range of services for the hydropower sector, including design, execution, maintenance and installation of equipment; automatization; and commissioning installations.

Radu Silaghi has ambitious goals for Hidroserv. He says, “Any hydropower activity in Europe and anywhere in the world is very important to us. Wherever there are tenders regarding the hydropower sector, Hidroserv will continue to expand internationally through these tenders. I want Hidroserv to have a strong presence in Africa and the Middle East.”

Romania’s hydropower sector offers exceptional investment potential, according to Radu Silaghi. He explains, “The Romanian hydropower sector is very reliable and brings outstanding returns for investors. Any investor can anticipate important returns from the initial investment in just a few years. In addition, the hydropower sector offers viability. Hidroelectrica and Hidroserv are comparable to any energy companies anywhere in Europe.”

To potential investors and partners, Radu Silaghi concludes, “Trust Romania’s economy because the future will demonstrate it. I believe that the future leader of the European economy will not be Western Europe but rather Poland and Turkey, with Romania playing an important role.” He welcomes potential investors and partners to make contact with Hidroserv and Romanian companies.