Green-Energy Supplier Known for Outstanding Customer Service

Energy-supplier Ebem puts the focus on renewable energies and exceptional customer service. Founded in 2002 to provide green energy and natural gas to customers in Merksplas, the company extended its reach to the rest of Flanders in 2005. CEO Werner Pas explains, “Our mission is to deliver green energy at reasonable prices. We produce part of our own energy and we also work with around 80 solar-energy suppliers; however, our future goal is to produce every MWh ourselves. We concentrate on northern Flanders in order to be as close as possible to our clients. We are one of the few companies which still has a front desk and staff-operated telephone lines for its customers instead of just a call centre in India.”

Ebem is developing other energy sources, including using household waste to produce methane gas to provide energy to around 5,000 homes. Ebem is also exploring the potential of geothermal energy, they want to focus on locally produced energy instead of using green energy from Scandinavia. Werner Pas says, “I want Ebem to be known as a green-energy supplier which invests in local opportunities. I also want Ebem to be more involved in energy production and eventually to sell energy in the wholesale market. At Ebem, we believe in the future of renewable energy.”