Dynamic Construction Enterprise Welcomes Partners

Lobkom Investments launched its first project in Botswana in 2007 and has been busy ever since. The company has also raised its official status so that it can take on projects with any budget to be completed within two to three years.

Lesego M. Kgosikoma, Managing Director, explains that Lobkom Investments offers a wide range of services, from plant hire and road building to drainage, water infrastructure and civil construction. The company has obtained the necessary permit to take on building-construction projects beginning in 2015.

Working on government-funded projects, Lobkom Investments is playing a key role in developing Botswana’s infrastructure. Now the company would like to take on projects in the private sector as well as the public sector, for example in mining and agriculture. Lesego M. Kgosikoma points out, “We would also like to expand into other countries, including Namibia, and we welcome international partnerships which can add value for both sides.”

Lobkom Investments has positioned itself as a reliable local partner for investors in Botswana. As Project Director Mpusang R. Kganane puts it, “Our record says it all. We are a young, dynamic, local and flexible company and able to work with anyone. Botswana offers all kinds of business opportunities.”