Innovative Construction Enterprise Setting Ambitious Growth Targets

NPD Cotraco is building a modern Rwanda. Launched in 1996 as Nyarutarama Property Developers, NPD acquired Cotraco, a company producing concrete construction materials, in 2000 and decided to focus on road construction. NPD Cotraco has since successfully completed a number of projects, including the tarmac for a Free Trade Zone in Kigali, a Stadium and several kilometres of roads, including a new road between Kigali and Goma, DRC. NPD Cotraco also has a maintenance contract for the City of Kigali. NPD Cotraco is currently preparing to build around 70 km of Cobblestone roads. The company aims to expand its reach by getting involved in other types of construction projects, from hydropower plants to dams, irrigation systems and more.

A true Rwandan success story, NPD Cotraco boosted its turnover from €1 million in 2007 to €27 million in 2014. General Manager Charles Lugira says, “We are targeting €36 million in turnover in 2015, €54 million in 2016 and around €100 million by 2018. We have very limited local competition, and we have a young, vibrant, internationally trained Rwandan management team. We do not shy away from any project. We provide jobs for Rwandan workers and we support a number of corporate-social-responsibility projects.”

European standards, Rwandan materials

NPD Cotraco is committed to maintaining high standards in all its projects and to using Rwandan materials whenever possible. “Rwanda has a lot of stones, and we might as well use them to build new roads. We can build European-quality roads using Rwandan cobblestones. Such roads will also require less maintenance than standard tarmac,” Charles Lugira points out. NPD Cotraco operates four quarries and is constructing a new factory to manufacture cobblestones.

The company has devised an ambitious growth plan and will continue to invest in human resources, equipment and technologies. NPD Cotraco is open to working with European partners. Charles Lugira says, “We are looking for equipment as well as lower-cost financing from Europe and beyond. I will be able to repay loans quickly. We aim to grow rapidly and we want to work with experienced partners who share our expertise and vision.” NPD Cotraco is already partnering with Austria’s Doppelmayr and with a Japanese company (DAIHO) to build a bridge connecting Rwanda and Tanzania.

For international partners, NPD Cotraco offers in-depth local experience, a strong track record, skilled workers, modern equipment, and a reliable supply of construction materials thanks to its quarries and factories producing good quality aggregates and concrete. Charles Lugira concludes, “NPD Cotraco has earned a reputation for quality and competitiveness and is ready to grow along with its partners.”