Global Leader Focuses on Helping the People of Romania

Bayer plays a prominent role in Romania’s economy. Panagiotis Alekos, Head of Bayer’s Pharmaceutical Division in Romania, discusses Bayer’s current programmes and priorities in the Romanian market.

Can you describe some highlights of your professional career?

Panagiotis Alekos: Although my studies were on food biotechnology, I began my professional life in the Healthcare industry focused mainly on business areas. I have been with Bayer for more than 10 years and have held many different positions in Greece and Cyprus. This is my first international assignment for the group and I am very happy to be here in Romania. My time here has been very interesting, challenging but also pleasant; it has been a true learning experience.

Bayer is a leader in its field all over the world. What is the reason for Bayer’s success story?

Panagiotis Alekos: Bayer has a very strong brand name internationally because the company has always been committed to innovation and to helping people living a better life. In our field, Bayer would not have kept its leading international position without a dedication to innovation. Bayer continues to focus on innovation here in Romania as in all its markets, and more and more we are also collaborating with universities and R&D institutions. We really believe in the highly quality products we develop and we are determined to provide solutions to the people of Romania in order to increase their quality of life as in all countries where we have a presence.

What are Bayer’s goals in Romania?

Panagiotis Alekos: Bayer would like Romania to develop a win-win approach to reimbursement for healthcare costs, a solution which benefits patients, companies and the government.

What is your advice to international investors considering the Romanian market?

Panagiotis Alekos: Romania is full of opportunities. The economy is growing by around 4.5% per year, which is really impressive compared to other European countries. Romania is also a very attractive country for investments because of the Romanian people, who are highly qualified, educated and hard-working. Bureaucracy and infrastructure can be drawbacks, but we are seeing improvements every year in both of them. In addition, Romania is a very pleasant country to live and work in.

What is your personal message about Romania?

Panagiotis Alekos: I have been working for Bayer in Romania for four years now, and I have seen the company achieving many successes here. Romania has great potential for investors.