Innovative Company Accelerates the Global Technological Development

Developed as the sole research and development company in Warsaw, InPhoTech blends the extensive knowledge and experience with the innovative approach in the process of obtaining patents, demonstrators or prototypes for industry applications. Tomasz Nasilowski, CEO points out, “Our main task is to develop new products or to improve the existing ones. We develop prototypes and test them in the specific industry, and if our product provides the needed solution, we fabricate it. In our company the know-how is our main capital. Our strategy is to connect the world of science and the world of industry”.

InPhoTech carries out research, development and fabrication of innovative optical fibre solutions with wide range of applications. The products cover modelling, R&D, prototype fabrication and implementation to manufacturing of innovative optical fibres, fibre components and photonic devices. Tomasz Nasilowski explains, “We are working in the field of photonics, an area that offers many advantages and immense possibilities that are not yet implemented”. The photonic technologies provide solutions for the telecom industry, the medical sector, the metrology, the quality analysis, the mining, the transport etc.

The optical fibre market revolutionary

InPhoTech is growing continuously and its annual turnover reaches €2 million with high employment potential. The company is currently working on 20 national and global projects. Tomasz Nasilowski emphasizes, “The company possesses two labs, one situated at the Warsaw University of Technology campus and another, working as a technological lab. However we are currently in the process of intensive and fast expansion. In a perspective of one year we will have 2.700 square meters in laboratories”.

 The company’s main clients come from the telecom, data-centre, oil&gas, mining, energy, monitoring and security industries, approaching the usage of optical fibres in order to improve data transfer, safety, control and effectiveness. Tomasz Nasilowski adds, “Our clients are large companies and we are also looking for industrial partners that are open to implement novel technologies”. InPhoTech is recognized in Poland as an innovation brand, among others, named by Polish representatives of global giants Newsweek and PwC as “a Polish market Revolutionary” and awarded as “The initiator of innovation 2016”. In December 2016, InPhoTech’s innovation received of a prestigious “Product of the Future” award issued by the Minister of Economic Development in Poland.

Tomasz Nasilowski concludes, “The Polish optical fibre technology is very valuable, we can design a fibre for the specific needs of the client. It is the engine of the future development of the other technologies”.