Vibrant Company Becoming the Leading Food Manufacturer and Exporter of Myanmar

Established in 2002, under the name International Best Service (IBS), this multidimensional company has developed into a renowned provider of promotional and traveling services and one of the leading producers and exporters of sesame powder in Myanmar. This company masters in providing promotional services for the Korean products. Tint Lwin, Owner, points out, “We bring companies from Korea and help them to introduce their products in Myanmar. We arrange events for business networking. We create the bridge between Korea and Myanmar”.

Developed as the company’s second niche, International Best Manufacturing (IBM) produces and exports roasted sesame powder and sesame oil to Korea, Japan, Australia and the United States. The facility settled in Pyaw Bwe employs more than 130 workers, providing monthly production of 600 tons of sesame powder. The company is actively working to acquire a HACCP certification, in order to export its products on the European market. Tint Lwin explains, “We want the European potential customers to know that there are quality food products here in Myanmar”. He adds, “We are in the top ten food producers and export companies in Myanmar. We are a business that provides more work for the farmers, produces healthy food and helps the government to receive foreign earnings”.

Tint Lwin concludes, “We would like to invite the foreign companies to invest in Myanmar, exchange skills and improve the economy. We are here to help and share our extensive experience”.

By the time his manufacturing business gains in speed, he begins to share more of his attention into his tour company in the wake of tourism booms. At the time being, considering the good relations with Korea, the company has diversified its activities in the tourism sector, offering inbound tour services for the Korean tourists in Myanmar. He used to say, the wider measure of benefits from tourism can reach farther down to the local communities than Manufacturing. Additionally, as a Burmese, he says “I quite welcome to European travellers to come and visit to Myanmar, I am really enthusiastic in showing Myanmar and her beauties.”