Leading the “Resource Revolution”

SUEZ’s motto is “the resource revolution”, and this dynamic international enterprise is living up to its promises by finding creative new ways to handle, treat and reuse resources. Now with a new name, SUEZ (formerly SITA or Ondeo) is active in water management and waste recovery sectors in 70 countries. The new SUEZ logo, an “S” with three strands, refers to SUEZ’s new vision: think and act circular, with concrete and collaborative customers’ solutions. SUEZ specialises in providing a wide range of comprehensive services to its clients to help them meet new environmental and business challenges. In terms of waste management and recovery activities, SUEZ has developed special waste-management services for companies, communities and individuals. SUEZ’s solutions for companies are tailored to specific sectors, from construction to healthcare, chemicals, garages and more. SUEZ also offers special services for handling industrial waste – both hazardous and non hazardous – based on the volume and type of waste, environmental factors and each customer’s long-term needs.

For communities, SUEZ in Belgium offers a wide range of services that can result in comprehensive full concession models like the current one for the city of Aarschot. SUEZ collects household waste door-to-door, operates a DIFTAR (weight related payment system) container park and manages local waste-collection units throughout the community. Moreover SUEZ developed a dedicated webshop for individuals, on which they can order the appropriate containers for their specific waste products. SUEZ also operates more than 50 waste-treatment centres, some like in Neder-Over-Heembeek, Tienen and Laeken (each specialising in particular types of products), that even offer direct deposit services for customers.

Protecting the environment among SUEZ’s top priorities

The increasing scarcity of natural resources is a challenge that will engage future generations. As a result in all its activities, SUEZ focuses on the new “circular economy”: sorting, collecting and treating waste products so that they can be recycled productively. Waste that is no longer recyclable or that has to be neutralised because of its impact on environment or health, is treated for example through energy recovery, providing electricity or steam for industries or cities, that way contributing to the preservation of resources.

Philippe Tychon, General Manager of SUEZ Recycling & Recovery Belgium, explains, “We manage waste at every stage, from consumption to creation of new resources, to help our customers reduce their CO22 footprint, recycle waste products, optimise production processes and benefit from the expertise the SUEZ group can provide. We welcome the chance to work with any company willing to reuse their waste products instead of using new raw materials.” He advocates European policies which would reward companies for recycling.

SUEZ takes on all types of projects, large or small, and aims to be known as a company which provides value-added solutions. Philippe Tychon points out, “We want to work directly with each customer to understand the customer’s special challenges and find ways to deal with them in the best possible way. SUEZ employs the latest technologies and methods to guarantee the right solutions.”