Wind Turbine Technologies for a Greener, More Energy-Efficient Future

ZF Wind Power Antwerpen NV is playing a leading role in helping the world reduce its dependence on oil and gas. ZF Wind Power has earned a stellar reputation in Belgium, the EU and internationally for its design, manufacturing and supply of high quality, tailor-made gearboxes for wind turbines. The innovative company was formed through the successful integration of the wind activities of the industrial technology division of the ZF Group, one of the world’s leading automotive industry suppliers, and former Hansen Transmissions, a major player in wind turbine gearboxes. In December 2015, the company demonstrated its long term commitment to wind energy through the acquisition of Bosch Rexroth’s wind gearbox business. Through building on its experience, expertise, efficient production and innovation, ZF Wind Power is helping the world achieve energy self-sufficiency.

Focus on innovation and quality

CEO Jan Willem Ruinemans says, “ZF is always innovating and moving forward. The goal of ZF is to work very closely with our clients and have a very good relationship with them. Customers are the main focus and cost-awareness is the main priority for ZF. Our gearboxes are exceptionally high quality, and ZF wants to be known as the quality delivery company.” The company places a high priority on partnering with its customers in every aspect of wind-turbine gearboxes, from design to manufacturing to after-sales service.

ZF Wind Power’s mission is to become the leading supplier of geared solutions for wind turbines and to help make wind power the world’s most attractive energy source in the future. Headquartered in Lommel, ZF Wind Power has established state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and service centres all over the world. Jan Willem Ruinemans points out, “ZF is dedicated to delivering its solutions and services on a global scale and to meeting the specific needs of the global wind energy market. The most important objective in all the company’s activities is to achieve customer satisfaction concerning all the products and services provided by ZF.”

The next generation of wind power technologies

Always proactive, ZF is currently preparing for the next generation of wind gearboxes and solutions which will further improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. Jan Willem Ruinemans explains, “Part of these innovation programmes will focus on modular and integrated platform designs, increased torque density and advanced bearing technology. ZF Group’s knowledge in modern sensor technology and data analysis can increase the efficiency and reliability of wind turbines. ZF expects a significant cost reduction potential within the wind industry, and we look forward to developing this growth path.”

As the world increasingly turns to renewable energies to satisfy demand for environmentally friendly energy as well as cope with a decline in fossil fuels, the wind energy sector is certain to grow exponentially. ZF Wind Power aims to continue to stand out in the global wind energy sector through the quality and reliability of its products and services.

Promoting EU-based manufacturing

Looking to the future, Jan Willem Ruinemans calls for more attention to be paid to the growth potential and benefits of wind power. He says, “Europe should be more serious about wind energy. If you look at the global market, more than half of the world’s wind energy is generated domestically in China, and as a result China is positioning itself as the biggest export hub for wind turbines. At ZF Wind Power, we are trying to maintain a strong European base for not only design but also produce and servicing wind turbines. ZF is well placed to be the leading European wind turbine gearbox supplier, but we have a clear international perspective as well.”

ZF Wind Power has already developed high-precision manufacturing systems and now it aims to make its products “smarter”, further reduce costs and increase efficiency, and expand its solution offer  beyond gearboxes. Jan Willem Ruinemans notes, “With every customer, we work to find the best solutions for reducing energy costs. For our products, it is all about cost per kWh.”

Jan Willem Ruinemans believes that a transformation of the global energy market is coming soon as industrial activities mature, more customers realise the benefits of green energy, and governments implement new policies to promote renewable energies. He says, “Our enthusiasm for innovative products and processes, and our uncompromising pursuit of quality, have made ZF Wind Power a European and global leader in wind gearbox technology. We are contributing towards a sustainable future by producing advanced technology solutions with the goal of transforming the global energy system and increasing the efficiency of our products and systems, thereby conserving precious resources. Sustainability lies at the heart of our endeavours to make our products even more cost-effective through introducing intelligent technologies.”

A greener tomorrow

By taking advantage of its unique combined expertise in automotive and industrial technology as well as wind turbine technologies, and by focusing on exceptional customer service, ZF Wind Power aims to help make wind power the leading renewable energy source in the future. Jan Willem Ruinemans concludes, “ZF Wind Power wants to create a better world and believes in a greener tomorrow.”