Leaner, Stronger Botswana Post ‘Fit to serve, Fit for Growth’

Botswana Post aims to position itself as a dynamic, modern, diversified enterprise through a focus on innovation, service excellence and on what CEO Cornelius W. Ramatlhakwane calls “fitness to serve, fitness for growth”. He says, “Botswana Post is at a critical point where we can achieve a level of growth through development of “lean and mean” cost effective processes, attraction of superior human resources equipped with appropriate tools thus creating operational efficiency.”

To transform into a high performance company, Botswana Post will go back to basics and complete a thorough analysis of its current performance to pinpoint areas needing improvement. “We want to become a self-sufficient service provider that is like hot water crossing the threshold at 100 degrees, boiling and producing the steam that drives engines, industries and economies. My personal ambition is to stoke the fire under Botswana Post that will take us across that line.”

By maximising the potential of its strategic partnerships and forming new ones, Botswana Post will fully leverage its existing products, align with government entities to offer new end-to-end solutions, and make a major contribution to Botswana’s e-government drive. Cornelius W. Ramatlhakwane concludes, “As Botswana Post moves into our next strategic period, we will nurture the growth of our company and of each other.”