Innovative Bank Focusing on Service Excellence

Botswana Savings Bank (BSB) delivers on its promises. Differentiating itself from other banks through its focus on service excellence and its “must do” attitude, BSB is a bank for today’s Botswana and its people. CEO Boikhutso Tekane explains, “BSB is a one-stop shop for banking services. We are driven by the bank’s new, customer-focused vision of providing cheaper, faster and better services. We are developing a wide choice of banking products for individual and corporate customers, including a vertically integrated support scheme for small and medium-sized companies.”

BSB was established as a savings bank in 1992 by an act of parliament and is currently transitioning into being a full commercial bank. Like all Botswana’s banks, BSB is closely overseen by the Bank of Botswana, the country’s central bank. BSB is a subsidiary within the Botswana Postal and Savings Group, which also includes Botswana Post and Botswana Couriers. Boikhutso Tekane says, “The benefits of being part of this group is that the three companies leverage on a pool of resources and support each other. Each company also has its own CEO, which helps BSB to make decisions rapidly.”

Largest banking network in the country

BSB has branches in Gaborone and Francistown as well as outlets in 120 post offices. It has the largest network of any bank in the country and will open four new branches this year as well as 10 new ATM outlets. BSB aims to be the bank of choice for urban and rural customers all over the country. Boikhutso Tekane estimates that individual Batswana make up around 70% of the bank’s clientele while corporate customers make up 20% and SMEs 10%.

Achieving strong brand recognition for BSB is one of Boikhutso Tekane’s main goals. He says, “Some customers see BSB as an extension of the postal office, but we want people to know that BSB is becoming a full-fledged commercial bank with a wide range of services. To earn this reputation we are committed to delivering on our promises and being known for our service excellence. I will personally train the staff in our four new branches to make sure that they will offer the best possible service.”

The new BSB will be a proactive rather than a reactive banking operation, Boikhutso Tekane promises. He says, “We are going to be more customer-centred and more technology-driven, an innovative bank which responds to the needs of today’s Batswana. Our motto is ‘Welcome to Smooth Banking’.”