Legal Protection for Brands Crucial for Successful Businesses

Tonucci & Partners, an international law firm present for over 15 years in Romania’s legal-services sector, has developed significant expertise in providing high-level support for both local and foreign investors in Romania. The firm’s local partner, Daniel Urdoi, is confident about the growth potential of Romania’s rapidly evolving economy. He highlights the importance of intellectual-property protection for businesses operating in today’s increasingly global marketplace.

Companies today are concerned about brand protection and are unwilling to invest in a jurisdiction which cannot provide the legal support necessary to protect intellectual property. Why is trade marks registration important?

Daniel Urdoi: Owners of successful businesses can establish legal protection for their brands by means of registration as trade marks with national or international patents and trade marks offices. As it can be assigned, licensed and even be subject to operations similar to mortgage, a trade mark is an important asset and a flexible and effective business tool.

What are Romanian companies doing to protect their brands?

Daniel Urdoi: According to the latest statistics, every year around 10,000 to 12,000 trade marks are registered with the Romanian patents and trade marks office (OSIM). When it comes to the registration at the EU level, however, less than 1% of registered EU trade marks are owned by Romanian entities or individuals. As Romania’s economy continues to grow and competition in various sectors increases, Romanian companies will certainly become more aware of the importance of branding the goods and services they offer. A brand is not only an indication of origin, but is also a very important marketing instrument. Reputation sells. Reputation protected by means of registration as a trade mark sells better.

What kind of legal assistance can Tonucci & Partners provide to an investor interested in protecting its trade identity?

Daniel Urdoi: Tonucci & Partners provides a wide range of custom-fitted legal services in the field of trade marks, from registration of national trade marks and EU trade marks to exploitation of trade marks and legal protection against trade mark infringement and counterfeiting. In providing these services, we rely on our dynamic and goal-oriented team, which is made up of highly qualified professionals who combine an excellent academic background with vast experience in providing legal assistance in the main international languages.