Reliable Partner in Construction, Energy and Agriculture

Coming to Romania for the first time in 1993, Michael Dietrich, Administrator of Baupartner, has built a large holding company working in construction, energy and agriculture.

The backbone of the holding is construction, with its trademark efficiency in the development of all types of buildings, from residential complexes to production halls, administrative buildings, store houses, supermarkets, shopping malls and logistic structures. Their in-house designing capacity brings a strong competitive advantage. Evaluated by the benchmarks of delivery time and quality, Baupartner ranks among the top ten companies in Romania. As Michael Dietrich explains, “We can build big facilities in months. For others it is tough to do that because they have to hire a designer, a construction engineer, find an offer for the precast and do the plan. We have all these integrated as a group.” As speedy delivery is an important variable in business decisions, clients repeatedly choose Baupartner, returning with their new projects.

Their facility for manufacturing high-class precast concrete elements “Bauelemente” and the in-house structural engineering team offer great flexibility in the customised accomplishment of each of the client’s requirements and expectations. The latest technological advances and best managerial practices ensure that Baupartner group is at the cutting edge of business execution in the Romanian landscape. While building throughout Romania, the location of their headquarters attracts a lot of business from the south-east part of the country.

In 2015 the company enlarged its portfolio, entering into metal pipes production for the Romanian market. The company is investing in several other businesses also abroad, in New York, Strasbourg and throughout Germany. Michael Dietrich has full confidence in his 450 employees, travelling from Germany, where he resides, to Romania to supervise and coordinate. He is eager to highlight that Romania offers some of the highest opportunities for serious business people in Europe.

The latest addition to the profile of the company is biogas production from waste, which is convertible to electricity and heat. “We are the perfect partner for the food industry companies and big supermarket chains as we are able to take and handle their organic waste in accordance with European regulations. This is a win-win strategy because it releases us from necessity to cultivate energy crops and allows us to use the land for growing food.” Michael Dietrich emphasizes.

Taking over their competitors in Sibiu and Bucharest, Baupartner is rapidly growing in the sector of its core activity, the construction services. They are now searching for opportunities for investing and executing large-scale real estate projects, both in Romania and abroad. The company’s management is very optimistic that they will not only sustain, but also improve their impressive growth pattern.