Vibrant Company Becoming a Leader in the High Technology Industry in Sri Lanka

Analytical Instruments (Private) Limited is Sri Lanka’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art technologies and products for the Medical, Scientific, Analytical and Agriculture industry, enabling many successful technology transfers to the country. Established in 1989, the company basis its success on the provision of pioneering high-tech solutions from abroad, supported by an inspired team of professionals committed to good governance and finest operating standards. Renuka Jayasundara, Managing Director, explains, “In 28 years of experience we have significantly progressed in technologies, from manual to semi-automatic to automatic. This was done for the entire spectrum of laboratory equipment in the health sector, as well as the Scientific Industry, Research and University and in the Agriculture sector as well”. She adds, “The transfer of continuously innovative global technology is one of the main challenges for an island country. Our greatest advantage is readiness of our company to transfer the technology from the global markets to the periphery of the country with the required localization as per the needs”.

Introducing pioneering innovative technologies on the Sri Lanka’s market

The company offers high quality, branded products, including medical diagnostic products and reagents, imaging equipment, high technology analytical equipment and instrumentation, dairy animal husbandry and veterinary products, general laboratory products, consumables and chemicals. “We source our products mainly from the US, Europe and China. Starting from biochemistry, hematology, molecular biology, microbiology, immunology and chromatography and have progressed with the world’s best technologies”, Damayanthi Rajapakse, CEO, points out.

Analytical Instruments works through a strong network of regional sales personnel, renowned for the exceptional customer and technical support they provide. Damayanthi Rajapakse adds, “Maintenance is the most crucial, more than a half of our service endeavours are directed towards the after sales support. This is because we undertake the responsibility of maintaining the instruments after their life cycle, considering the economic reasons of our clients and the country”.

The company collaborates with clients from the public and the private sector. She adds, “The collaboration with the public sector is stronger, considering the crucial support they provide for the advancement of technology.

Providing turnkey high-tech solutions

Discussing the future perspectives, Renuka Jayasundara explains that the company is open for foreign partnerships or international funding, which will help them to provide turnkey solutions for their clients. She emphasizes, “We are not only a technology supplier. We are able to prepare the entire turnkey operation from building to providing equipment and putting everything in function. We are interested in global partnerships to enter into public private partnership in Sri Lanka to modernize the industry” Renuka Jayasundara concludes, “We would like to consider ourselves as a vibrant company that needs to improve every day. We are ready for joint ventures and we are open for new partnerships in terms of logistics and manufacturing”.