CIT Blaton: the Art of Building

With more than 150 years of experience, CIT Blaton remains faithful to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, proving that a family company with independent ownership can be among the leaders in the demanding construction sector. Under the board including members of the family’s fifth generation and external experts, this general contractor is present in all sectors of construction and aims to create added value for their clients, to build on achievements that contribute to the well-being of all, and to turn each project into a success that reinforces their reputation. “Exceptional results can be achieved only with the will to surpass ourselves and project ourselves in the future”, Ir. Frédéric Loriaux, Administrative Director of CIT Blaton, emphasizes.

Combining traditional techniques and advanced technologies, CIT Blaton’s mission is simple: to build facilities that last! Constantly adapting their methods and techniques to the evolving requirements of clients and end users, the company is working on all types of projects: civil engineering, public and private buildings, residential building, offices etc. “The market is very competitive and the gap on price is small. Our competitive advantage is that we guarantee quality, stability and sustainability, and we are flexible geographically, so we are able to deliver various kinds of projects”, Ir. Frédéric Loriaux says.

The remarkable portfolio of CIT Blaton includes projects such as construction of the Montlégia Clinique in Liege, several tower buildings in Brussels, the GSK headquarters in Wavre, the new building for the high school Galilee in Brusselsetc., as well as the Ghent-Saint-Peter’s railways station and other. In 2015, CIT Blaton received the Innovation Award from the Belgian Construction Confederation for the construction of the Conference Centre in Mons.

Expertise at the service of creation

Based in Brussels and with an office in Gent and a daughter company in Luxembourg, CIT Blaton earns the trust of its clients with their dedication to innovation, their commitment, their stability and their highly-qualified team.

Pointing out that the company always selects the best partners in order to deliver the best quality, Ir. Frédéric Loriaux emphasises that their priority is bringing added value to a project. “We never build the same building twice and each project involves different people. The quality of the collaboration between the people is what makes a project successful”, he adds.

Standing by his motto “Try it”, Ir. Frédéric Loriaux is proud of every project delivered. “From complex big projects to small projects like a private houses, all people involved should feel proud as they have invested their time, expertise and creativity into their realization”, he concludes.