Company Supporting Myanmar Energy Security and Electricity Consumption

Myanmar Solar Rays Company stands for high quality service and lifelong electrical products in Myanmar’s electricity sector. Established in 2002 with an aim to provide quality products used in electricity power transmissions, the company has developed in one of the greatest leading trading companies in Myanmar’s electricity sector. Win Myint Thein, Managing Director, points out, “We started with only five people and business investment of US$10.000”.

Diversifying its activities in different sectors, Myanmar Solar Rays became the main shareholder of two subsidiaries – the Right Star Company, specialized in distribution of electrical appliances and the Hero Quality Concrete Company, which manufactures concrete poles used in electricity transmissions and distribution. In order to change the nature of the business, the company invested in a public enterprise, the Myanmar Electrical Business Group, operating as a factory for insulation materials.

Reputable electrical engineering partner in Myanmar

Myanmar Solar Rays Company strives to supply standardized electrical products and materials at reasonable price. The company performs its activities on different scales, including governmental projects, industrial zones, location of system improvement, projects for private sector, and rural area development projects. Win Myint Thein explains, “The main reason of our success is the targeted market. Solar Rays Company targets very different range of customers. We do not only focus on the government, we diversify. That is why whenever the governments, parties or leaders change, we stay successful”. Discussing the current governmental projects, he adds, “We are placing installation of transmission and distribution lines throughout Myanmar. Our latest project is the 66kV double circuit for Yangon, in total worth of $1.3 million. We also provided installation services for the Parliament”.

This eminent company is highly renowned to every participant on Myanmar’s electrical market, including the electrical product suppliers, the manufacturing and the engineering service companies. Myanmar Solar Rays is now open to new international partnerships. Win Myint Thein emphasizes, “There is a great need of infrastructure investments in Myanmar’s electricity sector. Solar Rays welcomes any investors and corporations that want to work with us. We have the experience, we provide good quality service and we are a reliable partner”.

Leader in value creation, innovation and sustainability

The company spread its activities in the renewable energy sector, establishing the Technology Quality and Sustainable Innovation Company, in 2014. TQSI specializes in the creation of renewable power electronic systems and solutions, aiming to secure the consistency in the power supply chain, and to deliver constant improvements to power solutions across Myanmar. Win Myint Thein concludes, “Our goal is to secure the power supply chain in the most reliable and environmentally friendly way. Our reliable renewable power solutions are uniquely positioned to create long-term benefit from the emerging demand for intelligent micro-energy grids.”