Expert Partner for Hydropower Projects in Romania and Beyond

Hidroconstructia, founded in 1950, has built all of Romania’s hydropower stations and infrastructure and continues to play a major role in the national energy sector while also expanding internationally. CEO Mihaita Fundeanu discusses Hidroconstructia’s activities in Romania and beyond and highlights the company’s attractions as a partner for international investors.

Why should international investors choose to partner with Hidroconstructia?

Mihaita Fundeanu: This year Hidroconstructia celebrates 65 years of successful activities. We have developed industry-leading expertise as well as the capability to handle major projects. The two hydropower stations Hidroconstructia built on the Danube demonstrate our skills and ability to complete complex projects which meet high international standards. In addition, we have steadily diversified our activities and can handle a wide range of projects, including design of hydro-technical constructions, environmental-protection systems, construction of roads and bridges and more. We invite companies around the world to welcome Hidroconstructia as a partner in developing hydropower projects. We know what we are doing. Our portfolio and history say it all.

Where does Hidroconstructia operate outside of Romania?

Mihaita Fundeanu: Hidroconstructia is very active internationally. We have completed hydro-technical, environmental-protection and infrastructure projects in Germany and Belgium, where we have established subsidiaries and are expanding our activities. We have also completed projects in Algeria, Iran and Moldova, we have works in progress in Iraq and we are planning to get involved in projects in Georgia, where the hydropower sector is rapidly developing. We are currently participating in a tender in Bulgaria for the refurbishment of a dam.

Can you describe Hidroconstructia’s relationship with Hidroelectrica?

Mihaita Fundeanu: We strongly support Hidroelectrica’s €1 billion investment plan for the coming five years. We want Hidroelectrica to attract the necessary funding to complete its projects because we are committed to continuing to build on our 65-year partnership both with Hidroelectrica and with all members of the whole Romanian hydropower and hydro-technical family. Around 20% to 25% of Hidroconstructia’s current activity concerns projects for Hidroelectrica, but we would be able to increase that to 50% if Hidroelectrica continues to develop new projects rapidly. Hidroelectrica’s administrator Remus Borza has ambitious plans for the company and Hidroconstructia welcomes the chance to play its part.

What is your personal message to potential partners and investors?

Mihaita Fundeanu: International companies and investors should know that Romania has developed advanced expertise and high international standards in the hydropower and hydro-technical sector. At Hidroconstructia we know what we are doing and we are doing it well.