Global Pharmaceutical Player with a Superb Reputation of Quality

Founded 75 years ago, STEROP is a Belgian drug producing company which has grown into a global player with a superb reputation of quality. Present both on local and international markets, the primary goal of this family-owned company is to save lives and be close to the patients. The demanding quality standards, the technological skills, and the excellence of their staff further contribute to the company’s success.

Renowned for their high standards of quality, STEROP has developed a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including essential injectable or oral drugs such as tablets, syrups, etc., as well as nutrients, trace elements and medical devices.As one of the company’s main competitive advantages, STEROP’s export branch offers generic drugs adapted to markets’ needs.

With a guaranteed 100% quality, STEROPis the leader in Belgium when it comes to injection impulse for use in hospitals, producing over a million per day with no default.

STEROP is continuously focused on the quality and the sustainability of their products, which is why the company won the award for the best exporter of Belgium. Discussing STEROP’s expertise when it comes to producing the highest quality products, CEO Sophie Eykerman emphasizes, “We always invest in the core of our business – the people, the production line and the quality”.

STEROP is a key player on international markets and works closely with various agents and partners, including governmental and non-governmental organizations. “We are open for new partners that have the knowledge of the market and the health sector, and share our good values and goals”, Sophie Eykerman concludes.